Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures (GZUS Remix)

One of my favorite songs from this past year gets the mix treatment. When I first saw this track was being remixed I thought there was no shot for a positive review. I didn’t think the mellow vibe would go with an upbeat pace. Well I was totally wrong.

This is the original video for “Pictures” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich below.

– @Bird_Burgess


Kid Ink – Never Change (Official Video)

As always, Kid Ink drops some fresh visuals for his latest track off of his latest Wheels Up mixtape.

– @Bird_Burgess

Freesol ft. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland – Fascinated (Official Video)

Dope beat. Freesol drops official visuals for his single featuring JT and Timbaland. Can’t really go wrong here.

– @Bird_Burgess

Wiz Khalifa Week Today: Dance Off

Week Today’s are always phat. Wiz and his squad just smoking pot and geeking to phat beats. Probably one of my favorite combinations on the planet. Weed, dancing, phat beats. Game, set, match.

– @Bird_Burgess

Adele – Someone Like You (NEMnation Remix)

NEMnation provides one of the best remixes I’ve heard to my choice for song of the year. It’s tough to change the pace to such a mellow song, but this remix is different. Love the tempo and the vibe of this mix. Awesome stuff. Turns a non-oot beat into a completely oot beat.

As for you Adele, keep smoking cuts baby girl, keep smoking cuts. Fuck the free world.

I want to smoke a cut with her so fucking bad you guys don’t even get it.

– @Bird_Burgess

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Live Acoustic)

Absolutely love Ellie Goulding. Her an Adele basically have to have a fist fight to see who takes Andy’s favorite female artist throne. Miss Goulding has one of the most unique voices I have ever heard. Not to mention I get dead fucking fired to acoustic performances as it is. Her smash hit “Starry Eyed” drops around the 4:15 mark of this video. Completely murders it. Ellie isn’t even a bury and I’d still provide for the greater good just based on how phat she sounds. Gets me freaking oot.

– @Bird_Burges

Sam Adams – Into The Wild (Pre-Album)

I know mad heads hate on Sammy, but I really do respect his music. Dude’s trying to make party hits kind of like a white skinny version of Flo-Rida. Check this shit out.

– @Bird_Burgess

Avicii & Nervo Unreleased Track (Live)

Dope collabo. Avicii and Nervo? Bury music. Get dead fired. Official CDQ should be dropping soon.

– @Bird_Burgess

Lo Keys – Marv Albert (Video)

Lo Keys dishes out some visuals For “Marv Albert” off his latest, The Green Hornet Mixtape. Dead phat name for a song by the way. You can’t go wrong with an association from Marv Albert in any shape or form. Follow Lo Keys on twitter at @LoKeys910. #ootlyfe


Old Guy aka “Mr. Oot” Absolutely Buries The Dance Floor

Whatever I saw this on BarstoolSports blah blah blah I know. But I couldn’t resist. This dude is fucking Mr. Oot. Do you see these moves? Unbelievable. Shredding the dance floor. Just giving motherfuckers the business making the other 65 year old females wet. I need this guy to on my promotion team stat.

– @Bird_Burgess

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