How To Spot Fake Jordan’s

I’ve been an avid sneaker collector since I was about 13 and one of my biggest pet peeves, sneaker related or not, is people that wear fake kicks more notably The Air Jordan Collection! The innovative people at JB have been creating some of the most highly anticipated and exclusive shoe’s for the world’s greatest basketball player Michael Jordan for many years now and there has to be a time for the novice collector to be asking themselves, “Are my Jordan’s real or fake”? Well I 100% applaud you for thinking that and I understand not everyone can spot a fake instantly like I can so that’s why I decided to inform the fam on how to spot fake J’s!

So here are a few simple ways to help you determine whether or not you got a pair of authentic’s or some counterfeits.

  • For all my ebay user’s  if you see a pair ranging from $35-$70 chances are your going to get burned! Most Jordan’s sell on ebay for at least $120 depending on the rarity and condition, I would also check the user’s feedback and make sure there’s a seller tag i.e Fredo_Provides on the tag, if you even suspect some or any uncertainty there going to be fake
  • Outrageous Colors is another red flag! Drizzy Drake who I get completely #oot too is notorious for this (sorry man) but his kick game is sometimes out of control. I’ve seen pictures of him with purple 11’s on and I just can’t do anything but shake my head, thankfully he drops the phattest beats so I guess I can let it go. So word to the wise if you see someone sporting a pair of Jordan’s with a crazy colorway that doesn’t look normal chances are there fake as well.
  • Another good indicator if in doubt about a site is a good first check on their ‘About Us’ page. Some, if not most sites that sell factory variants, will tell you so.
  • The biggest thing I did when I was younger is I would check the official site and check out all the Jordan’s ever made ranging from 1-23. They have every colorway on the site as a reference so, again if in any doubt just peep out the Michael Jordan website.

Throughout the Air Jordan line history the one sneaker that seems to be replicated the most is the 11’s. Below I have posted a video to help you spot a fake pair of 11’s, most of the time you can tell from the material if you have them on deck. This video goes in real depth and is a good reference.

Bottom line people is that fake Jordan’s are a complete joke and to be honest I geek to head’s who think there phat by saving $75 buying kicks off some random dude out of a bus. I’m just saying people take notice of what’s on your feet and you are what you wear #ootlyfe



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