Mark Wahlberg Says “How To Make It In America” Might Return On Another Network

Ok so if you’ve been getting down with @Ootlyfe from the beginning I’m sure ya’ll remember my rant on the cancellation of How To Make It In America. Complete bullshit how HBO chopped a show like this! We all need to witness that city hustle, and it was such a big inspiration for the launch of OotLyfe. In a recent interview with GQ mag, executive producer Mark Wahlberg discussed the plans for the pre-maturely sent show.

“The wheels are always turning,” Wahlberg said. “We’ve talked to the networks and we may pair it up with another network. You know, you can only have so many shows on the air [at HBO], but we’re talking about putting it elsewhere.”

I don’t care if they drop this series on the fuckin Life Time network, this show 100% needs to be back on the air! There’s no way the boy’s from #HowToMakeIt can end on a pair of jeans, either way Marky Mark has that power to make it flow again I guess we’ll just have to wait…



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