Bodega Boston

Bodega Boston….Ok where do I start? Well from working in the area for quite sometime now I can honestly say Boston is the underdog when it comes to fashion and urban wear, the longshot. It’s flooded with above IQ university student’s and borderline homicidal sport’s fans. In other word’s all your going to see in Beantown is people iced from head to toe in red sox gear and a bunch of John Mayer look alikes. No pun intended though Providence/Boston is my stomping grounds and all my sqauds (NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS etc.) I represent to the fullest, but when it comes to fashion it’s simply ehhhhhhhh not everyone just most!

If your familiar with the Latin culture you would know that a Bodega is a common business amongst the hispanics which literally means “grocery store”, however this Bodega is not like your everyday Spanish HQ you drop in to buy a couple dozen eggs. Me and my boy @Bird_Burgess actually ran into a situation like this about a week ago when we were in NYC interviewing David E. Beats. We came up to the so called “recording studio” to only be in front of a fucking laundry mat. At first we were buggin, I mean we looked at the address over and over again then after a few moments of freaking out I got the confirmation from beats that hidden inside of the laundry mat was a phat looking studio. My point is that Bodega Boston isn’t just a grocery store, it’s also the spot made famous by hip hop artists such as Wale and Fab. Bodega’s carries exclusives from Dunk’s to Foamposites and has an array of designer Tee’s and Hoodies all hooked up in a phat display. Such a dope spot to be in if your a #sneakerhead like me, Big S/O to the people at Bodega 100% genius idea and I guess it really is true that you can NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER not that I read anyway ha!

P.S. Peep out the visual’s below of Wale droppin bars in his attention deficit days at Bodega’s, also did I mention that the entrance to walk in is a snapple vending machine?!?


6 Clearway Street |
Boston, MA 02115
TEL #: 617-421-1550


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