How To Rock Plaid The Urban Way

Plaid is big time in contemporary urban street fashion. There are plenty of takes and colors on the popular trend and personally I’m a huge fan of the checks. Lately I’ve been noticing an on going trend with both men and women on different types of plaid and color schemes. I tend to stay away from the yellows and blacks because I think it’s just way to bold of a statement. The key to wearing plaid is balance! An easy way to balance and what I do most of the time is to incorporate your checks with plain materials. So For example an all white V-neck along with a pair of dark jean’s would be a good start. Levi usually my number one go to when it comes to jeans, I think people are suckers when they drop more than a buck on jeans such as true religion, rock and republic etc. Another way to balance your look is to keep the accessories to a minimum and let the pattern take the lead in the look. I understand it all depends on personal preference but I do believe blue and dark blue checks compliment outfits very well. Depending on your budget I always found the best plaids at Nordstrom, for instance 7 diamonds is a good brand but can be a little pricey. If your not trying to drop money I would also suggest peeping they have a lot of good shit to help smarten up your street style.



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