Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know Live (Video)

First of all this song is brilliant. Cold, but refreshing at the same time. Almost sounds like some old school Phil Collins. Well I had no idea the official video for this song had like 53 million hits. I get dead fired to this beat. This particular video is from November but it’s complete fire so I figured I would share for heads to get oot to. The Australian native, Gotye, teams up with Kimbra live on KCRW to do an in-studio performance. Love that chick Kimbra too. Literally wait for the 2:40 mark and just watch Kimbra’s hand signals. Looks like she’s holding an imaginary crystal ball. Watching her perform made me feel like I was tripping on mushrooms for a good 30 seconds. This song is unreal. Everyone’s gotta peep this. I know a lot of us can also heavily relate to this tune as well.

– @Bird_Burgess


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