What Does Wiz Khalifa’s O.N.I.F.C. Stand For?

Wiz discusses what’s behind the title of his new album.

“Still, for Wiz the explicit title has so much more meaning. “I was just talking about me being a young rich dude and being black,” Wiz told Shade 45 hosts Sway and Devi Dev about his experience in airports. “It looks crazy to them when I walk up to them and show them my ticket or I’m going in priority seating, They’re like ‘You’re sure?’ ”

On one hand Khalifa is glad that he’s made it; on the other, the racism that he’s experienced has left a bad taste in the rapper’s mouth. “It’s a good feeling and then it’s like a bad feeling because it’s like, ‘Damn, why do you feel like that about me,’ ” he said. – MTV

Whatever floats his boat. If I was rich as hell at age 23 I’d be all about first class too. I think we’d all get pretty oot to that.

– @Bird_Burgess

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