West Virginia University is 100% the #1 (OOTEST) Party School By a Landslide (Video)

ImShmacked recently took a visit to Morgantown, WV for St. Patty’s day this past weekend and here’s the results. I must admit I was working all day and had nothing to do with this, but wow is this refreshing. We still go harder than any other university in the United States of America. We (WVU) define OOT. Proud alum right here. And touché to the guys who came up with lighting soccer balls on fire and kicking them at police cars. Solid.

P.S. For those who are hating all over this. My years at WVU have been nothing more than a blessing. I’m not condoning smashing cars with baseball bats or starting fires in dumpsters in the slightest bit. In fact most of it may be complete stupidity. On the other hand, I do no see a problem with enjoying your youth and living your life to the fullest. WVU current students and alumni go to class and get their degrees and enjoy nothing but absolute fine careers. We just party/partied a bit harder than most. It is what it is and I will leave on this note. Enrolling at WVU is the best decision I have ever made in my life. My diploma is something I am extremely proud of and my heart will always be in Morgantown, WV at the best college in the nation. West Virginia University. Play on playa. 

– @Bird_Burgess



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