Air Jordan 4 “Cement Cake”

Air Jordan 4 "Cement" Cake

Personally inspired cakes have become extremely popular over the years and sneaker enthusiasts across the nation have made it clear that Jordans and various Nike’s are to be the focal centerpiece for that self proclaimed #oot night of the year. @deej_jacavone (my brother from another mother) happens to live 7 blocks down from the “Cake Boss” in Hoboken, New Jersey and if your familar with the show, they drop some of the phattest cakes ever made. So come June D, keep in mind a Lebron “Miami Night” custom cake for you boys down @ootlyfe.

Anyways check out below the latest sneaker cake to roll under our noses, coming to us from the fellas over at hat club. The first thing you should notice is that the cake is modeled after the original Nike Air version and not the 2012 Retro as it features the Nike branding on the heel, but regardless of what year the shoe released, the White/Cement is an undeniable classic and should go down as one of the best Retro releases in recent memory. 

Air Jordan 4 "Cement" Cake

Air Jordan 4 “Cement Cake”

Air Jordan 4 "Cement" Cake

– @Fredo_Provides


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