SXSW: Nas Speaks On Jay-Z

While out at SXSW, Nas sat down with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg where the two discussed the biggest name in hip hop today, Jay-Z. Nas had nothing but praise for HOV:

“He is one of the only ones out of the whole community–who’s taken this sh– serioursly–musically and business wise. That’s powerful so you got to respect him.” – Nas

Here’s a recorded snippet of the interview below:


– @Bird_Burgess


One thought on “SXSW: Nas Speaks On Jay-Z

  1. It is confounding and proliferating to hear Nas speak this way about his antithesis and impetus to his achievement of regalness. A part of me feels like Nas has to say this becuase, while he is the lyrical Poe of the Hip Hop oratory, he has never evolved enough business acumen to make his mind prick the world’s merchandising consciousness. Another part of me however, feels like Nas is the only emcee smart enough to be able to applaud the personification of his capitalistic alter ego while still remaining unconerned with competing corporately because linguistically he is unparralelled.

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