Nike Unveils New NFL Uniforms (Photos)

Here they are

After weeks of anticipation, Nike revealed its new uniforms for the upcoming NFL season today and proved why it is the worldwide leader in sport’s apparel. While some teams made sweeping changes, others kept it OG with a couple of sleak designs complimented by the NIKE Swoosh. There is no denying that the new jerseys have a cleaner and more modern look to that other company (Reebok) but what’s important to note is that the look of a team has a lot to do with it’s  identity and the way fans relate to them. Ask Bob Kraft how important identity it is to a football team, 3 superbowls later and some of the greatest fans in the world!

Shoulder view

Shoulder of new Seahawk’s jersey 

Profile view

New Orleans Saint’s new uniform displayed


Jaguar logo sitting pretty with the Nike Swoosh

Up top

Seahawks Away uniform

Wicked new

New England Patriots look for 2012

– @Fredo_Provides


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