Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Victory Lap (Official Video)

Honestly this is one of the better videos I’ve seen in a long long time. Amazing all around. Just a great example of how far Macklemore has grown as an artist. Still feel like he was the most underrated yet most deserving freshman in the 2012 XXL list, but thats just me. Kids worked really hard to get to where he’s at and you have to respect that. Plus as always, RL absolutely destroys the production. Here’s the Seattle reps official visuals for “Victory Lap.” Enjoy…

– @Bird_Burgess


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Victory Lap

Here’s a cut off the traditional 2012 XXL Freshman mixtape (which I wasn’t too impressed with) and this one of the few tracks that really stood out to me. I see nothing but an extremely bright future for Macklemore and he deserves every bit of recognition he receives. Here’s his latest with Ryan Lewis entitled “Victory Lap.”

– @Bird_Burgess

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Fall Tour: Mid West (Video)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis wrap up their Mid West tour with a bang. Sold out everywhere. Macklemore up for XXL mag’s 2012 freshman class. Dudes music is real.

– @Bird_Burgess

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis Fall Tour: East Coast

Everyone knows by now that I get super oot to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and I’ve been posting their video/blog/series whatever you want to call it, here on OotLyfe. ┬áHeres some super dope footage of their tour on the East Coast swing.

– @Bird_Burgess

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ Fall Tour : The South

I’ve posted Macklemore and Ryan Lewis a couple times now and I really need everybody to get familiar with these guys. The Seattle, WA representer and producer Ryan Lewis make straight heaters. Great fucking videos too. I’m just going to post a couple of their videos so you guys can get a feel for these dudes.

– @Bird_Burgess

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis Fall Tour : West Coast

Some dope footage of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ recent touring on the West Coast.

– @Bird_Burgess

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