Flight Club NY Visit

Past couple of weekends I’ve had the privelage to be in New York City you know chilling doing my thing and being the sneakerhead that I am, I can honestly say I’ve never had the chance to visit The Flight Club. Well this past weekend while doing my normal visit to Hoboken me and couple of boys decided to make the trip to broadway too see if the hype is all that. Not to mention we saw Deron Williams drop about 10 stacks on OG jordans and FCNY gear! Anyways let me start by saying FCNY was everything I imagined it to be, I mean I couldn’t even buy kicks because there was just too much shit to peep, my mind was going crazy literally lol. When I tell you they got every sneaker imaginable I’m not even playing! Ranging from Jordans, to my personal favorite LBJ9’s FCNY is the spot 100%. Regardless of the prices I could have chilled there all day and I know a few can back me on that. Best believe I’m heading back this weekend for my liberty DUNKS! Check out the few pics below of the Broadway store. Your boy makes a cameo as well spotting some Jordan 7’s. #ootlyfe #heaven



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